Year in the Son (YITS)

The YITS program was unique in many ways. Some people applied because they were not sure what they believed, who they were or why they exist. Others applied because they wanted to be stretched and challenged. And there were those that wanted to investigate some of the bigger questions we face in life. Whatever the reason, they discovered that YITS was not just a program but also a journey that consisted of doing life with those around them.

Year in the Son was designed for 17-22 year olds who took a year to wrestle with issues, doubts, fears and dreams. It was a year about being honest with oneself and with God. After 15 years and with hundreds of young people’s lives having been positively affected, the long-standing YITS program is currently under review and will not be offered in 2014.

The Year in the Son program was previously offered at either Certificate IV or Bachelor level, with YITS students enrolling in one of the following courses:

Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Theology

You can still apply to study for one of the above courses. Tabor Victoria continues to be committed to building study programs that will transform individuals and society

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